OnePlus 6, is it really worth the price and expectations.

Image source: Google images

Since the release of One plus this year flagship device One plus 6, smart phone users are getting crazy to try this out. Based on the specs given in just 530$ is amazing, but now the other part of the story came in. At present, lots of other manufacturers like Asus, Xiaomi are launching their new devices with almost same or in some cases better configuration between the price bracket of 500-600$.

Main problem with this device is the company their services and procedures. Let’s say after sale service provided by one plus only looks right on the paper. After reading heaps of reviews on internet i found that they do not even have proper service location in most of the countries expect their homeland China. In rare case, if you decided to take your device to a near city for repairs, you will be surprised by the unprofessionalism of their employees. Most of the times they got a default reply that we need to order some parts from the supplier and it will take more than month. It just sound rubbish that after paying a premium price we need to live without phone for over a month.

Another downside of this device is the camera. Although there is a telephoto sensor available, but still at closeups there is blurriness around the edges of the object in focus. Furthermore, oneplus claims that the device is equipped with fastest charging technology and for sure it performs well in this, but it drains faster than this as well.

Among all these, the new glass design one plus 6 is only for looks and doesn’t offer any sort of durability at all. There are heaps of videos of drop-test videos on youtube which explains it the best.

Apart from these if you really a oneplus fan then you should go with this, otherwise look for other devices like Asus 5Z or upcoming sony flagship.

I’m not saying that this device sucks, in general it got good features, design and built-quality, but it still quiet unreasonable for the smart phone brand in 2018.

By: Anshul


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